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5 Ways for Small Businesses to Secure Customer Data 

If you're a small business owner doing business in 2020, one of your most important tasks is securing customer data.


According to Symantec, Business Email Comprommise (BEC) scams, relying on spear-phishing emails, target over 400 businesses every day, draining $3 billion over the last three years.

Business were the main victims of the WannaCry and Petya ransomware outbreaks, with corporate networks the ideal breeding ground for this new generation of self-propagating threats.

Wannacry ransomware attack

Here are the top 5 ways you should be securing data:

Start with security.

Before you make any other decisions about marketing or processes, make sure the customer information you require and keep is necessary. It's fine to get the email address, but do you really need their personal profiles, family history, and social security number?

Limit the access.

You need to take reasonable steps to secure customer data, and this begins with limiting how many employees have access to that data. The fewer members of your team can access sensitive data, the lower the risk in case of one employee's credentials are compromised.

Use secure passwords.

Make sure that all employees who can access sensitive customer data have strong passwords. They should be unique, complex, and stored securely. Having a uniform account policy and using a reliable password manager software throughout the company is recommended. 

Encrypt your data.

It is important to use encryption for storing and transmitting sensitive data. SMBs can get powerful protection with a VPN such as NordVPN, which establishes an encrypted connection, reroutes the internet traffic through a remote server and hides the user's identity.

Be cautions with remote access.

Data breaches are largely initiated via remote access - providing a user access to a network without them having to physically be at work. Instead of opening a lot of entry points, each being a possible security hole, you can use a VPN which acts like a single entry point.

If you are collecting and storing personal information, it is your duty to secure customer data. That's why solution like NordVPN for business could help protect your company from many threats.


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